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Pigment spots Serum - Ozonides and Alpha Arbutin

The occurrence of skin spots is due to an uneven production of melanin.
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The occurrence  of skin spots is due to  an uneven production of melanin. Melanin develops  from an amino acid, tyrosine, through the action of an enzyme, tyrosinase. In normal conditions, the  process of epidermal regeneration  allows  the darkened  skin to return spontaneously  to its original  color once  the stimulus that induced the production of melanin is over.  However, the production can sometimes be  excessive and continuous, thus giving rise to melain stains. This formulation was designed to act by blocking the tyrosinase enzyme: the results are supported  by  effectiveness testing  on  differently origined blemishes  like solar lentigo, freckles, dyschromia and pregnancy chloasma. It is both effective on  dyschromia and  localized skin spots such as chloasma, melasma, sun spots and Postinflammatory Hyperpigmentation.

15 ml
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